3:00PM–3:20PM: Andrey Kuzmin — Mogee or how we fit Elm in a 64×64 grid

Mogee is a side-scroller that I created with my wife Nadya in three days for the #lowrezjam 2016. Since then we’ve been working on this game on our free time: added a music theme and improved the visuals.

You will learn how to evolve a simple time-travelling Mario example into a full fledged game. Even though Elm makes it easy and joyful, there are a few challenges to overcome:

In the end you will witness yet another milestone of our game, and it’s going to be remarkable!

Andrey is a frontend engineer at SoundCloud. His journey into Elm was through programming games, most notably elm-flatris and elm-street-404. The latter got him interested in WebGL and then he became a maintainer of the library. Apart from work, he enjoys live music in Berlin and is a yoga newbie.