1:10PM–1:55PM: Jeremy Fairbank — Solving the Boolean Identity Crisis

While powerful in its simplicity and important to computation, the boolean can be extremely limiting in Elm applications. In this talk, we will briefly explore the history of boolean logic in computation and look at how booleans can become misused in Elm. We will look at examples where booleans obscure the meaning of code, make code harder to maintain, and hinder usability for our teammates and users. You will learn how to harness union types to write cleaner, clearer code. More importantly, you will learn how to place usability at the forefront of the APIs and UIs you build.

Jeremy is a web developer with a master’s degree in computer science. He works for Test Double, helping improve how the world builds software. He has many years of experience in front-end development and is passionate about its future, taking that passion to the world of Elm too. He is currently authoring a book on Elm with The Pragmatic Programmers.