9:00AM–9:20AM: Jonas Coch — Building a Slippy Map Library in Pure Elm

Web applications often need interactive UI elements, e.g. slippy maps. Currently one has to interface with existing JS libraries with some trickery to have a map in an Elm app.

In this talk we will explore a different approach: a slippy map library written in pure Elm. You will hear about the initial motivation, see how it is implemented, learn about API decisions and get to know how to use, customize and extend a slippy map.

This will not only give you an additional UI widget in your Elm tool belt, but will hopefully teach you about how to build and use stateful UI elements in Elm in general.

Jonas Coch is a frontend webdeveloper at iosphere, living in Cologne, Germany. He used to hack arounds IE 6 bugs, fell in love with XSLT and now likes Elm. He writes code to show data on web-maps, introduced Elm at his workplace and wrote elm-search, a search engine for all exposed values of all published packages.