12:35PM–12:55PM: Luke Westby — Putting the Elm Platform in the Browser

I wanted it to be easier for folks to try the Elm platform and share it with each other, so I made Ellie and put it in the browser! Since its release in January of this year people have shared about 5000 revisions, but this is only the beginning. I want you all to share in my appreciation for this community and my desire for it to grow, so in this talk I’m going to share the life story of Ellie. You’ll feel like you were there on the day Ellie was first released, take an adventure through some of its inner workings, and learn exactly where Ellie is headed and what we can do together to bring more tools like it to the community.

Luke Westby is an engineer at NoRedInk. He is the creator of the browser-based Elm editor Ellie and an active member of the Elm community. He loves contributing to the Elm community by speaking about the language, answering questions in Slack, writing blog posts, and attending the Chicago Elm Meetup.