10:40AM–11:00AM: Murphy Randle — The Importance of Ports

The larger an Elm application grows, the more likely it is that interaction with unsupported Web Platform APIs, or interaction with 3rd party Javascript libraries will be necessary. Elm offers a feature called “ports” for passing information back and forth between Elm and JS safely.

But ports are often misunderstood and underutilized. Ports are asynchronous communicators, and the tendency is to think of them as another form of AJAX request. But thinking of them in that way leads to an incorrect understanding of their power. A correct mental model for ports, and an understanding of the power available they offer when paired with semantic data will be presented in this talk. Hopefully, by the end everyone will have a smile on their face and new superpowers in their brain.

Murphy is a father of two. He comes from a background in feature film animation, but he is now a professional Web engineer. He’d like to give you a hi-five.