2:10PM–2:30PM: Peter Zingg — Activate Your Interface with CSS Animations

Have you wanted to add interface features to your Elm app like accordions, expandable help boxes and permanent and temporary notifications (AKA “alerts” or “flash” messages) but haven’t found a useful or general-purpose Elm library? Fret not, you can roll your own or adopt the modules from this talk!

At this talk you will learn how the development team for an Elm SPA used CSS styles and transitions in cooperation with Elm’s Html.Keyed and Html.Events modules to make it happen.

Peter has been using Elm in production on a single-page app, learning from scratch, since December 2016. He has been a coder since the dawn of modern programming languages (Dartmouth BASIC in 1968), and finds Elm to be as nice a revelation for the Javascript era as Ruby on Rails was for the C++ era.