9:45AM–10:30AM: Tessa Kelly — Accessibility with Elm

Learn about accessibility, the elm-html-a11y library, and delve into patterns enforcing good development habits.

Elm’s core library makes writing HTML a lovely experience, but making that HTML accessible can still be hard. The WAI-ARIA spec provides many modes of communication and interaction for users–but these largely attribute-based avenues are easy to ignore. Adding type-safety, an exhaustive set of attributes and tags, and friendly function names, elm-html-a11y makes writing accessible HTML nicer.

Tessa Kelly is a software engineer at NoRedInk, an edtech company helping teachers teach grammar and writing, where she builds out new features in Elm, writes the occasional blog post, and never needs to argue about the Oxford comma. Tessa holds a BA in mathematics from New York University, where she minored in history and Middle Eastern studies.